Entry Rules

1. Entry fee and proof of insurance must accompany entry form.

  • Community Fee – $100.00
  • Commercial Fee – $200.00

Payable to OPFFA Santa’s Parade of Lights or e-transfer to SPOL@ottawafirefighters.org

2. Only one live Santa will be permitted in the parade.

3. Instructions from Parade Marshals shall be obeyed at all times.

4. All entries must be suitably decorated including lights. (No open flame permitted)

5. Vehicles towing floats must also be decorated.

6. All entries shall have 2 people (one on either side) to walk with the float, as a safety precaution for encroaching children.

7. No pamphlets or written material to be handed out.

8. Any candy handouts are NOT to be thrown from the floats. (Placed hand to hand only)
(Any entry not abiding by this rule will be ejected from the parade)

9. All parade entries will be judged on the parade route.

10. Any entry, which slows or impedes the progress of the parade, may be directed to withdraw from the Parade. (Tow trucks are available)

11. The Parade Marshals may reject any entry that is declared not suitable for the parade.

12. Confirmation of entries will be done as they are received and accepted.

13. All entry forms must be received by October 31st